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Together, we help families grow

Scientific solution for personalized IVF treatment, ensuring the optimal embryo implantation time for each patient

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Your trusted companion in reproductive sciences

Genetic solutions to help doctors and families during the IVF journey

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Easy all-in-one system for all your reproductive genetic testing needs

Unlimited testing possibilities on our customizable system at the touch of a fingertip

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Our Solution


The Next Generation miRNA-based Endometrial Receptivity Analysis

Preimplantation testing solution used during the in vitro fertilization process to enhance treatment success – finding the window of implantation (woi) for better timing of embryo transfer.

For Healthcare Providers

We provide a more precise way of analyzing endometrial receptivity, providing a personalized embryo transfer recommendation for each patient, increasing the chance of a successful embryo implantation

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For Families

We find the harmony between embryo transfer and your endometrium – one of the most important factors during the IVF treatment process, and one that may affect the success or failure of embryo implantation.

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For Healthcare Providers

We’re here to assist

Providing the best genetic solutions to aid healthcare professionals in treating patients


Our solution provides valuable insight during the IVF treatment cycle to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to offer the best care possible to patients.

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Our platform is capable of providing consistently high quality results, even in variable conditions.


MIRA™ is able to detect even the lowest sample amounts, reducing the fail rate of the test.


Our decentralized laboratory is able to provide high quality service in numerous locations

MIRA™ increases implantation rate to over 70%


Couples worldwide experience infertility


IVF treatment cycles are being performed every year

Number of live born deliveries and infants born in the United States 2018

Number of live born deliveries and infants born in the United States from assisted reproductive technology (ART). Courtesy of Jain. IVF data registry for 30 years. Feril Steril 2018.

For Families

We understand the importance of your IVF journey

That’s why we provide the best genetic solution to assist healthcare professionals during your treatment cycle.

Helping Infertility

The many factors surrounding infertility can be overwhelming. Our test can help make things a little less uncertain.

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Helping Infertility

The many factors surrounding infertility can be overwhelming. Our test can help make things a little less uncertain

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Successful treatment cycle

Using MIRA™ can increase the chances of a successful implantation and raise the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

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Why should you choose MIRA™?

MIRA™ delivers faster and more reliable results based on the meticulous collaboration between our team and healthcare professionals worldwide

Developed by Top Health Experts

International and local partners in the clinical and research fields

Over 70% Implantation Success

Significantly higher than the average implantation success rate of 30-40%

Over 1,000 Tests Processed

With less than 1% redo rate, lower than any other competing product currently on the market


Collaborations with leaders of the industry

We work with local clinics, hospitals, service providers, and distributors to bring MIRA™ to healthcare professionals and patients worldwide

Genetics Generation Advancement (GGA Corp.)
GGA Corp. is the forerunner in providing a wide variety of genetic testing services for over 20 years. GGA offers testing that covers the entire human lifespan from preconception to adulthood. Our partnership brings the high-quality MIRA™ service to healthcare professionals and patients in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia through GGA’s CAP-accredited service laboratory.

For more information on MIRA™ service:
Visit GGA Testing Service or Contact GGA

NuProbe, Inc.
NuProbe is a global genetic testing company that has R&D centers and GMP manufacturing plants in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Houston, USA primarily focusing on the reproductive genetics and cancer field. As a leader in the genetic testing industry, NuProbe continues to develop revolutionary technologies on various platforms such as PCR, Sanger, NGS, and third generation sequencing in order to provide doctors and patients with accurate, timely and affordable liquid biopsy testing products in reproductive health and cancer.

Hangzhou Neoline Technology Co., Ltd (Neoline)
Neoline is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for laboratory scientific instruments and technologies in China, focusing on the medical and pharmaceutical field. Neoline insists on serving scientific research, providing customers with high-quality and competitive laboratory application technology solutions, products, and services, such as MIRA™.

How can MIRA™ help you?

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