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The Story Behind MIRA™

Our team at MIRA™ is made up of scientists and parents. We understand how much of a gift it is to have children — as well as the frustration of infertility. We also recognize that the process of in vitro fertilization, while offering a promising path forward, can be both expensive and uncertain.

MIRA™ began with the belief that a woman’s body is too unique, and the stakes too high for a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we set out to develop a way to enable a more personalized IVF treatment. The result of our research is a unique test that determines the optimal time for embryo transfer for each individual patient, offering a greatly increased chance of success, and bringing us closer to our goal of overcoming infertility.

Your premier companion in reproductive genetics

Providing the best genetic solutions to assist healthcare professionals in treating your patients

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Inti Labs: The Company Behind MIRA

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We’re a fertility diagnostics company focused on increasing IVF success through more accessible and personalized testing solutions.

Inti Labs’ tests are less invasive and more accurate, easing the IVF treatment cycle for patients while offering better chances of a successful pregnancy.

Our team brings decades of experience in genetics and reproductive medicine, applying cutting edge R&D in our pursuit to help women overcome infertility.


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