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Tag: endometrial receptivity

The Era of Personalized IVF International ART Forum

This forum will discuss the research and application of personalized reproductive medicine from the perspective of precision medicine. A total of 8 physicians and experts from 5 countries are invited to share their clinical experience and academic viewpoints, and to bring new light to reproductive

2020 First Seminar on Research Progress in Endometrial Receptivity

The 2020 First Endometrial Receptivity Research Progress Symposium will be held in Shanghai on October 25, 2020. Well-known doctors from both sides of the strait will join to discuss endometrial receptivity through indicators such as cytokines, genes, and endometrial secretion proteomics. Symposium Information Time: 13:30-17:00,

MIRA™ Website Launch!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of QuarkBio’s product website – MIRA™ (miRNA-based Receptivity Analysis) MIRA™ is a preimplantation testing solution that analyzes endometrial receptivity during the in vitro fertilization process in order to enhance treatment success.

MIRA™ Service Coming to China

Neoline, a leading provider for genetic testing solutions and consumables, will be providing MIRA’s endometrial receptivity testing services to China, Hong Kong, and Macau clinics and patients starting summer of 2020. Contact us today to get an early preview of MIRA.

MIRA™ at ASRM 2019

Join us at ASRM 2019 where MIRA will be showcased for the very first time! Visit our booth to find out more about MIRA, a miRNA-based endometrial receptivity test, and our all-in-one system for assisted reproductive technologies.

MIRA™ Product Launch

MIRA, our miRNA-based endometrial receptivity analysis, has officially been launched for service worldwide. Contact us today for more product information and see if this is a good fit for you and your patients.